50 and Fabulous

This heart-warming musical comedy set to the sounds of the 60’s will warm up your winter’s entertainment.

This production is bursting with relatable laughs, taking us on the journey of five fabulous long-time college friends who are just about to turn the dreaded 50 years old – and they’re definitely not looking forward to it!

The combination of the onset of a mass female mid-life crisis, and the last-minute cancellation of a popular singing group for the local fundraiser sees them hatch a plan to save the day. They decide to help out by putting on a dazzling musical spectacular of their own making, proving to their families and their local town, that they are certainly not past their prime and that 50 can indeed be totally FABULOUS!

50 & Fabulous is perfect for any age group, taking the audience on
a hilariously wild ride with its cleverly crafted storyline combining
with plenty of feel-good musical numbers that are sure to get your
feet tapping throughout. We look forward to seeing you there!

50 and Fabulous Cast List

Diana Renwick   -  Christine 
Amanda Shields  -   Geraldine 
Chris Finnie  -   Dusty 
Suzannah Bugden  -   Leverne 
Keely Forbes  -   Janice 
Rachel Loader  -   Marie 
Erika Forbes  -   Ashley 
Mahgen Clark  -  Julie 
Barry Tomkinson   -  Cynthia/Colin 
Pat Hannah  -  Mildred 
Jonathan McDowell  -   Brad 
Stephanie Sutton  -  Shirley 
Debbie Hattan   -  Rhonda 

Director: Annette Searle 
Vocal Director: Erin Grigson 
Production Manager: Doug

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