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Auditions for


Saturday 12 June 2021

10am to 4.30pm

Riccarton Players’ One Act Season, 29 -31 July

and the Canterbury TheatreFest One Act Play Festival,  7/8 August

 (You can find out more about this Festival at

And (If selected):

Lower South Island Regional TheatreFest (Queenstown) 21/22 August,

OR Upper South Island Regional TheatreFest 28/29 August (Westport)

If selected: TheatreFest National Finals: 17 – 19 Sept (Wellington)



by James Cabot.  Directed by Doug Clarke

Since colonization, NZ has produced a gene pool of misfits.

In this original NZ play the local author has interwoven events and voices of our past heritage into mystical threads which evokes and combines drama theatrically.

Provocateurs interrogate a heretic (?) which reveals, discovers, and enlightens

Ages are irrelevant, can be played young or old, or a mix of all three.

Must be flexible, and able to move relatively well.


MERCY – the heretic (?)

AGNES  - lead provocateur

AMY  –    subordinate provocateur

Scripts and info from  021 252 1722


The Importance of Being Belinda

by John Garforth.  Directed by Christina Stachurski


The feminist Sapphire Theatre Collective is in final rehearsal for Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’. Wilde’s script has been revised and updated to cater for an all-female cast by Belinda. The opening is in doubt as Belinda has been arrested for gross indecency on stage during a previous performance, but the show must go on!



Freda - Miss Prism (30-60, but younger than the others)

Mary – Cecily (30-60)

Gemma - Canon Chasuble (30 – 80)

Claudia – Algernon (30-60)

Therese – Gwendolen (30-60)

Georgina - Lady Bracknell (30 -60)

Scripts and info from Christina  021 253 3026   960 9624

Help Found

From Rex McGregor’s Triple Helping.


KEL, mature homeless man

GRACE, young female social worker

Scripts and info from Christina  021 253 3026   960 9624

You don't need to be an actor to get involved! If you are interested in any aspect of theatre,

we would love for you to join us.


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