“50 & Fabulous”
Director: Annette Searle 

Auditions by appointment, will be held at:  The Drama Theatre, Rangi Ruru Girls School, Merivale Lane.

(Look for signage)

Performance dates are:  July 8 – 11 & 14 -17 July. 7.30pm nightly. Matinee 2pm 10th, 4pm Sun 11th, 2pm Sat 17th


Audition appointments and audition pack from

Doug 0212521722

        or Annette  0212591146


Synopsis: A group of five fabulous friends, who met in College and have kept up regular get-togethers, are just about to turn the dreaded 50 years old…and they are not looking forward to it!!! The onset of a mass female Mid-life crisis and the last minute cancelation of a popular singing group for the local fundraiser, sees them hatch a plan to put on a dazzling musical spectacular and show their town that they are not past it and … 50 can be FABULOUS!

Cast List: 9 Women, 2 Men (one is a cross-dresser), 2 teenage girls


Suggested song for audition given for each character below or a song of your preference from the 1960’s. Prepare one verse and chorus. If you are auditioning for more than one role, choose one song you would like to sing.

Christine (Age -turning 50)                         

Career woman with no children and no need of a man.  The long suffering daughter of Mildred who constantly demands grandchildren! Secretly would like to be swept off her feet by a tall dark stranger but hasn’t met anyone stronger than herself.  She is the leader of the girl gang.

Audition Song -I’m a Single Girl   Acting: Script: A1 p3

Geraldine (Age -turning 50)       

God-faring farming housewife who has never strayed out of the North Island and enjoys the local gossip at church on a Sunday! Married and has had 7 children – 3 of which are still at home.

Audition Song -To Sir With Love   Acting: Script: A1 p3

Dusty (Age -turning 50)                

A Café owner currently single. Very flirtatious and always on the lookout for a new man much to Mildred’s disgust!  Has a big secret in her past and refuses to admit she is over 35.

Audition Song -These Boots Are Made for Walking   Acting: Script: A1 p6/7

Leverne (Age -turning 50)           

Empty headed and very naive. Also married her high school sweetheart who left her with the 3 children (one of each and a transgender which she refuses to believe).  Sees the good in everyone and doesn’t understand the humour of the other women at all!  

Audition Song -There’s a Kind of Hush    Acting: Script: A1 p6/7

Janice (Age -turning 50)               

Down trodden housewife with grown up children who have left the coup and she is now left with a cheating husband and Menopause!       Audition Song -Where Did Our Love Go   Acting: Script: A1 p2

Marie (Age -34)               

Daughter of Dusty who, we learn, gave her up for adoption and is now on a quest to meet her birth mother.

Audition Song -Birds and Bees   Acting: Script: A1 p8

Ashley  (Age -16)            

Marie’s daughter – Dusty’s Grand-daughter – supporting her mother on her crusade.

Audition Song -Sweet Talking Guy   Acting: Script: A1 p8

Julie  (Age -16)

Leverne’s daughter who is far more clued up than her mother.

Audition Song -Sweet Talking Guy   Acting: Script: A1 p7

Mildred  (Age 80’s)        

84 year old Mother of Christine. A cantankerous old lady who repeatedly `breaks out’ of hospital to meddle in the 5 friends affairs. She wants nothing better than to see Christine get married and have babies!

Audition Song -Don’t Fence Me In    Acting: Script: A1 p4

Cynthia (Male Age 50+) 

The supposedly dead husband of Leverne who also unexpectedly turns up for a truly dramatic ending to the first half! Was once called Colin but has since `come out’ as a cross-dresser.

Audition Song -Daydream Believer   Acting: Script: A2 p4/5

Brad  (Male Age 50+) 

Horse Breeder just settled in town, (Brad can take on any rural profession common to the area. The last name of a prominent local family can be substituted). He is a love interest for Dusty.

Audition Song -Sugar Sugar or Everlasting Love   Acting: Script: A1 p9/10

Shirley & Rhonda  (Age 18+) 

Two Avon ladies who double as actresses for Show Sponsor Adverts. Rhonda desperately wants to become a TV Weather girl much to Shirley’s annoyance. They can be used with Front of House and in intervals also.

Audition Song -Sugar Sugar Acting: Script: A1 p1

Audition appointments and audition pack from

Doug - 0212521722

        or Annette - 0212591146

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