Boys in the Band

by Mart Crowley

Directed by Doug Clarke QSM


by appointment

25/26 January 2020

Merivale Lane DramaTheatre

Contact Doug - 021 252 1722

(as described by author)

MICHAEL – Average face smartly groomed

DONALD – Medium-blond, wholesome American good looks

EMORY – Small, frail, very plain

LARRY – Extremely handsome

HANK – Tall, solid, athletic, attractive

BERNARD – Afro American, nice-looking

COWBOY – Light-blond, muscle-bound, too pretty

HAROLD – Dark, lean, strong limbs, unusual Semitic face

ALAN – Aristocratic, Anglo-Saxon features


The Boys in the Band is a modern classic. A play by Mart Crowley. The play premiered Off-Broadway in 1968,

and was revived on Broadway for its 50th anniversary in 2018.


The play revolves around a group of gay men who gather for a birthday party in New York City

and was groundbreaking for its portrayal of gay life.

Michael is hosting a birthday celebration for a pal when he gets an unexpected visit from old friend Alan.

The problem is, Alan is straight -- and extremely straight-laced -- and everyone else at the party is gay.

Michael hopes to conceal his sexuality from Alan, but this charade doesn't last.

After being outed, Michael turns on Alan, accuses him of being a closeted gay and forces him to partake

in a revealing party game that has devastating consequences.

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