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Riccarton Players will be fielding three entries in Theatrefest 2022, and presenting them in our season of short shorts – Stubbies.

Sunday 15th May 2022 11am-3pm
The Drama Theatre, Rangi Ruru Girls School, Merivale Lane – See map below.


Two directed by Doug Clarke –
Play One:  STITCHES / Punotinoti
Same play we entered last year which was selected to go forward to the Theatrefest Regional Finals that never happened because of COVID.
So, for this play, it’s a refresh/start again, coz we have to be reselected (By a new Adjudicator) to progress this year (permissible coz last year never happened as far as Theatrefest is concerned).
So its an updated script, cast, and renewed vitality…..

Play Two: DOING IT / Tupehau
A weird sort of comedy, by the same author as STITCHES, with an equally enigmatic premise – how to kill yourself!
A cast of three wacky females, attempt to discover a method which appeals to their strange and warped sense of humour and demeanour.  A play which will appeal to twisted senses of humour, and those with open minds, as we explore the suggestions of the author.
KInda aimed at women of indeterminate age, capable of flamboyancy without pretentiousness, and certainly not afraid to feel and look stupid.
CHARACTERS:  LOUISE – PETRINA – CASSIE .  All around the same age, all dialogue quite equal in distribution.
Note:  There is no reason why you couldn’t be in both of these plays!


Play Three:  The Red Couch – written and directed by Alistair Bean

A Very Amorous One Act Play, involving A Red Couch and a Meat Cleaver…

A very intimate cast of two characters

Set in the near future – 2024, a Couple enter an apartment in Auckland, frantically wrapped in each other’s arms. Verbal flirtations occur and a tale of recent missing persons ensues.  The audience gets a hole-in-the-wall view of the late-night’s events.

A brilliant opportunity for performers wishing to display their intimate acting abilities in the smallest of casts, like no one else is there, but they are…

CHARACTERS: Rose (stage age 25 – 55) Passionately assertive, is costumed in a little black dress, long blonde hair, bright red lipstick, and black stiletto shoes. Jasper (stage age 25 – 55) Always smiling, an eager gentleman is costumed in black suit trousers, opened-necked white shirt with a loosened long red tie, no socks and slip-on shoes

Performing: ……….
District Festival dates:  July 9/10 
(1 performance on either date – time to be advised)

Stubbies Season:  July 27/28/29
(1 performance on each date – Fri/Sat 7.30pm, Sun 4.00pm)

Theatrefest Regional Finals – Westport – August 27/28 
(1 performance on either of those dates – time to be determined – only if selected to progress)

Theatrefest National Finals – Wellington – Sept 17/18 
(1 performance on either of those dates – time to be determined – only if selected to progress)

For further info/scripts and to book an audition time

- please contact 

Doug (Stitches/Doug It) Call/text  021 252 1722 

Alistair (The Red Couch) Call/text 021 552 587

Both - email:

You don't need to be an actor to get involved! If you are interested in any aspect of theatre,

we would love for you to join us.


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