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Riccarton Players Inc (RPI)

Email Usage Policy

Updated Mar 2020


Policy Brief & Purpose

Our society email usage policy helps members and volunteers use their RPI email addresses appropriately.
Email is essential and RPI want to ensure that our users understand the limitations of using their society email accounts.

Our goal is to protect our confidential data from breaches and safeguard our reputation and technological property.



This policy applies to all society members or volunteers who are assigned (or given access to) an RPI email address. This email may be assigned to an individual (e.g. or department (e.g.


Policy Elements

RPI email addresses are to be used for society and theatre related business only, and must not be used to:

  • Sign up for illegal, unreliable, disreputable or suspect websites and services.

  • Send unauthorized marketing content or solicitation emails.

  • Send insulting or discriminatory messages and content.

  • Intentionally spam other people’s emails.

  • Imply RPI endorsement of personal views.

  • Disclose, without authorisation, confidential information.


Riccarton Players Inc has the right to monitor and archive society emails.


Email Security

Email is often the medium of hacker attacks, confidentiality breaches, viruses and other malware. These issues can compromise our reputation, legality and security of our equipment.


We instruct RPI email users to:

  • Avoid opening attachments and clicking on links when content is not adequately explained (e.g. “Watch this video, it’s amazing.”)

  • Be suspicious of clickbait titles.

  • Check email and names of unknown senders to ensure they are legitimate.

  • Look for inconsistencies or style red flags (e.g. grammar mistakes, capital letters, excessive number of exclamation marks.)


Disciplinary Action

RPI digital users who don’t adhere to the present policy will have their access to all digital services provided by RPI withdrawn. Example reasons for this are:


  • Using a society email address to send confidential data without authorization.

  • Sending offensive or inappropriate emails to our customers, colleagues or partners.

  • Using society email for an illegal activity.



acknowledge that I have read and understand, to the best of my ability,the Email Policy provided by Riccarton Players Inc.

Thanks for submitting!

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