Bad Girls – The Musical takes as its starting point the original core characters from the first three series of Bad Girls on TV. Set in the fictional HMP Larkhall.


Bad Girls introduces us to an anarchic bunch of women on the edge and up against the odds - prostitutes, addicts, shop-lifters, murderers - each with a story to tell of lives left behind and dreams of a better future ahead, and an entrenched old guard of prison officers out to dash their every hope. 

Idealistic new Wing Governor Helen Stewart arrives at HMP Larkhall on a mission to reform the ‘us and them’ regime - and finds a surprising ally and soulmate in charismatic cop-killer Nikki Wade.  But both face a ruthless adversary in corrupt Officer Jim Fenner, who wants Helen’s job and will do everything he can to undermine her.....


Then a tragic set of circumstances - in which Jim Fenner is implicated - unleashes an angry protest on the wing and forces the guards and the prisoners to their opposite sides of the bars. When it’s clear that everything is about to change over Fenner’s misdeeds, the race is on for all the women to overcome their differences and join forces against their common enemy.....


Full of big songs and characters, Bad Girls is an exhilarating mix of gritty reality, rebellious spirit, emotional honesty and irreverent humour, that touches hearts and kicks up a riot.


Riccarton Players are proud to present this South Island Premiere of this gritty yet funny, confronting yet warm musical. Director Tom Hart is not new to the Riccarton Players stage having performed lead roles in both Blood Brothers, Oliver and Whistle Down the Wind for the society. In fact many will also recognise his name having performed (and directed) both for North Canterbury Musical Society and Showbiz Canterbury - most recently as Brit in We Will Rock You. Tom is combining his talents and passion for theatre with ability to whip an eclectic group of people into shape (as owner instructor of Huddle Fitness) to bring this show to life.


The talented cast of Bad Girls, with a few bad men added to the mix, are well supported by an on stage band under the baton of Cheryllynn Callander. The energy of a live band, combined with industrial staging and clever lighting ensures this musical production, although perhaps unfamiliar to you now, will leave its audiences with memorable tunes, characters and perhaps the temptation to be a little bit ‘bad’ themselves.


Shell Dockley - Roz Ellis

Nicki Wade - Bryony Jamieson

Helen Stewart - Samantha Raines

Denny Blood - Layna Hunt

Yvonne Atkins - Cloe Anngow

Julie Saunders - Marcella Herrera

Julie Johnston - Sandy Wilson

Crystal Gordon - Jamie Ling

Rachel Hicks - Minou Baghbani

Noreen Briggs - Pat Hannah

Sylvia “Bodybag” Hollamby - Debbie Hattan

Kat - Lara Chiswell

Spike - Sarah Templeton

Natalie - Linda McMeeking

Jim Fenner - Aaron Boyce

Justin Mattison - Vaughan Luckman

The Number One - Rick Harris

Guard - Barry Tomkinson

Guard - John Daniels

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